Why Invest in Challenger Energy?

The current share price and thus market capital of Challenger Energy (AIM:CEG) is currently fully underpinned by the existing currently producing assets and reserve base.


Challenger Energy has a full programme of activity throughout2021 and into 2022 that has the potential to significantly increase that production base and therefore materially add value in the immediate short term.

In a success case, total potential capex requirement through balance of 2021 is in the range of $20m – $25m, with cash flows generated from early wells reinvested into / funding drilling of subsequent wells.

(potential pa)
Capital costs(estimated)
Current Trinidad Production450-500 bopd$3m+-
Incremental production programs100 bopd$1.8m - $3.6m~$1m
Infill drilling programs200-400 bopd$1.8m - $3.6mUp to $6m
Saffron (Trinidad)
* Saffron-2 (May/June 2021)200-300 bopd$1.8m - $2.6m$3m
* Saffron phase 1 development (H2, 2021)1,000+ bopd$8m - $12m$15m - $20m
* Saffron full-field development (2022 onwards, 2-3 years)4,000+ bopd$25m+Up to $60m
WNZ (Suriname)
* WNZ initial phase (H2, 2021)100 bopd$1m~$2.7m
*WNZ full-field development (2022 onwards)900+ bopd$2.5m+Up to $15m

In summary, the current equity value is captured in the current share price – everything else is upside and risk is diversified through the portfolio to offer multiple routes to accessing value upside.


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