Asset Profile: South Erin

Summary Information

Asset South Erin
Location Onshore, South-west Trinidad
Ownership 100%
Operator Challenger Energy
Stage Production
Asset Type Farm-out from Heritage
Recoverable Resource 0.3 mmbbls
Cumulative Production ~0.3 mmbbl
Fiscal Regime Royalty
Tenure Expiry December 2023 with a potential extension to September 2031


* 2P + 2C Recoverable

Asset Description

  • Discovered in 2006
  • Only 10% of the area has been explored and 3D Seismic data available for targeted incremental exploration and infill drilling


Technical Highlights

  • 6 active wells
  • Producing 22-26 API oil from Lower Forest sands, the most prolific oil-producing sands in Trinidad Southern basin

Near-term Milestones

  • Extension of term
  • Infill well drilling for incremental production (2021 / 2022)

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