Bahamas Exploration Well – Perseverance #1

About Perseverance #1

The well, Perseverance #1, was completed in early 2021 notwithstanding considerable challenges – including a year’s delay and significant disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a collapse in oil prices, and a last-minute legal action by environmental activists seeking to halt drilling which was successfully defended by the Company. The well was drilled safely and without an environmental or safety incident, and whilst the well-encountered oil, indicated from LWD (Logging While Drilling) tools, and corroborated by gas chromatography and mud logs, it did not result in a commercial discovery.

The Company is, however, encouraged that the data from the Perseverance #1 well successfully validated the structural model, a competent seal, good reservoir quality, charge, and established a working petroleum system which collectively supports the view that other closures, structures and both shallower stratigraphic and deeper structural plays in the Company’s Bahamian licence areas continue to provide significant commercial prospectivity, and with multiple viable drillable prospects of scale which merit additional study and exploration activity.

Given these technical results, since announcing the results of the well the Company has had a number of discussions with industry counterparties in relation to a potential farm-out of the licences, and the Company has formally launched an entirely new farm-out process via Gneiss Energy. The farm-out is seeking to introduce funding and operating partner for the next stage of exploration activity in The Bahamas.

Concurrent with the farm-out process, the Company will seek to retain its 100% interest in the Southern Licences by extending the licences in to the third exploration period whilst formalising the relinquishment of the Miami licence. The third exploration period for the Southern Licences will last for three years and will require further exploration wells to be drilled before the period expires, failing which the licences would be forfeited (i.e., “drill or drop”). An extension of the licences will attract an annual licence fee and requires a relinquishment of 50% of the licence area. Notification of renewal of the licences has been submitted to the appropriate Ministry, and the area to be relinquished has been identified as being the area equivalent to that over the shallower water depths covered by the Southern Licences (less than circa 200 feet).

Perseverance #1 exploration well and results

  • Perseverance #1 drilled B North structure in Feb 2021, to TD of 3,905m in Middle Aptian.
  • Hydrocarbons were encountered at various horizons, identified from high oil saturation values from LWD logs across a number of reservoir sections and by elevated gas chromatography readings generally increasing with depth and through the deeper Aptian reservoir column.
  • Encountered hydrocarbons identified from LWD tools, gas chromatography, drill cuttingsand mud logs. Trap, seal and reservoir models validated at both play and prospect scale. Verifying existence of a working Lower Cretaceous petroleum system and reservoir quality sequences in the Upper / Mid Aptian
  • Commercial volumes of oil were not proven at the well location, but the well only tested Albian and Upper / Mid-Aptian at B North Location
  • Multiple targeted reservoir sections drilled in both Albian, Upper & Mid Aptian horizons, cumulatively accounted for approximately 70% of the total pre-drill prospective volume estimates of 770 mmbbls
  • The presence of a working petroleum system points to significant hydrocarbon potential remaining in various independent, untested play systems and structures within Challenger Energy’s licences
  • Drilling operations confirmed issues encountered during the drilling of offset wells (including extreme losses and very slow ROP) requiring several casing strings, can be overcome with application of modern technologies and engineering design Particularly important in demonstrating that the costs of drilling to deeper target reservoirs, (important Jurassic horizons) are commercially viable at currently prevailing oil prices
  • Significant material exploration prospectivity/upside remains in untested independent closures, structures and undrilled play types including Jurassic clastics in structural closures, Aptian reef build-ups and shallower stratigraphic reef talus
  • Untested Aptian reservoir closures in B South structure where potential exceeds billion barrel recoverable. Independent C Structure volume potential in Aptian c. billion barrels and underlying Jurassic closures
  • Access to new, deeper, Jurassic pre-salt clastic syn-rift structural play (potential closure exceeds 800 km2 in single terrace). Active interest in this producing play in Eastern GoM (Norphlet – Smackover play)
  • New well at B South crest offers dual targets: test of Aptian reservoirs TD at ~7,500m in Jurassic alluvial fluvial reservoirs trapped in dip closures draping & onlapping over basement inverted horst blocks.