Major Shareholders

Shares in issue as at 7 May 2021: 4,987,934,115

Major Shareholders Information – 7 May 2021

Shareholder Name
* - Executive/Director
Amount% ISC at 07/05/21
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Mgt (Bristol)1,017,513,36620.40
Interactive Investor (Glasgow)701,940,98914.07
Halifax Share Dealing (Halifax)489,223,4699.81
Barclays Wealth (London)313,520,9596.29
*Shareholder disclosures as at 7 May 2021

Director Shareholdings

As at 7 May 2021

Director NameAmount% Shares in IssueOptions
Simon Potter81,217,7001.8072,500,000
William Schrader17,845,6670.403,000,000
Ross McDonald11,725,6300.261,500,000
James Smith11,475,6300.261,500,000

Securities Information

DirectorNumber of Options grantedWeighted Average Exercise price
per Ordinary share
Total number of
Ordinary Shares
held under option
Simon Potter60,000,0002.51p60,000,000
William Schrader3,000,0002.41p3,000,000
James Smith1,500,0002.41p1,500,000
Ross McDonald1,500,0002.41p1,500,000